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If you haven't become a member of Young Living Essential Oils yet, our members area is just one of the reasons you will want to consider joining Young Living as a Distributor in the Grade A Notes Team. As a team member you will have access to our massive collection of tools to build your successful business. Besides a web site and use of the printable version of Grade A Notes Newsletter to help build your business, our exclusive members area has been online for and just keeps on growing with more and more exciting tools for your success. The members area was originally on the Aromanotes domain but several years ago it grew too large and we had to move it here on its own domain.

Features of Our Exclusive Members Area:

  • Essential Oils Articles
  • of Archives of Grade A Notes Newsletter in two formats: The original email version and a printable Microsoft Word version that you can change the contact info and use as a tool to promote your Young Living business.
  • Marketing Materials for both Online and Offline Marketing - You will have access to flyers, business cards, dropcards, postcards, marketing letters and other promotional tools, banner ad graphics, outlines and presentations; as well as instruction in how to effectively use all of these tools. Lots of business building ideas that work. Choose whatever fits your style and personality.
  • Blogging, Social Media and other current marketing training
  • 2 Facebook Groups YL Aroma Marketers Group for general marketing, leadership and teamwork; Plus YL Syndication Group for Bloggers.
  • Audios and Videos on Business Building, Success Mindset, Motivation, Law of Attraction, oils related and much more.
  • Law of Attraction, Success Mindset and Motivation tools
  • Leadership Training
  • Free 14 Day Training Course - As a member of our group you will have access to a business building e-course that will send an email training module every day for 14 days. This training is full of detailed instruction on how to build your Young Living business both online and offline. This training works in connection with the many tools and resources you will find in the members area. Or, there is also an online version of the training that you can do at your own pace.
I started building our members area back in 1998 because I could see the team growing and I knew we needed a web site where team members could direct new distributors to for training and support. A site that would be constantly updated and maintained so distributors have current marketing tools and training. No matter how large the group gets, no matter how far down the line you are, no matter what your marketing style, there are tools in place and training for all serious about building a business.

It is easy to get overwhelmed, especially when you are a new distributor. Frankly, I still get overwhelmed from time to time and I have been building my Young Living Business for over . Let your new business builders know about this site and let me know how I can help you.

--Melodie Kantner Team Leader
Young Living Gold Distributor

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