When you love something, you talk about it. If you really enjoy a movie, a favorite TV show or a favorite restaurant, you tell your friends. It’s totally natural. You do it all the time. Same thing can happen with your love of essential oils.

My family loves oils. We have been using Young Living oils for over 20 years. The first time I used one of the oils, I had a life changing experience. I knew these oils were going to be a big part of my life from that point on. The BIG problem was, we were in a horrible financial mess. The oils were NOT in the budget. No way, no how!

I knew I could not be without these essential oils. That’s where Young Living’s income opportunity came in. If I were going to keep buying essential oils, I needed to earn enough to cover the cost of any oils and oil infused products I use. That was one of the best decisions I ever made. Not only did I cover the cost of my oils, I grew my income to the point that I was able to replace all other income, including my husband’s income. We now work from home full time with Young Living.

You can do that too. There is limitless potential with Young Living’s income opportunity. It’s up to you. You can either earn enough to cover your oil habit, earn enough to supplement your current income and/or build an income that will replace other income.

Check out Young Living’s Income Disclosure Statement here.

How it works is really pretty simple. Young Living rewards you for introducing people to the oils by paying you a monthly commission check based on the amount of purchases made the previous month. There is no pressure. You don’t have to stock inventory. There are no sales quotas.

Just use your oils in front of people, talk about the oils and oil infused products and how you are using them. When people express interest, give them your enroller link.

There is a link builder page in your account. Just login and go to the link below.

Really important tip: Don’t think of it as selling. Think of it as Sharing. Talk about the oils you are using. Use your oils in front of people. Listen to what people are saying. Perhaps one of their children is having trouble sleeping, or they feel sluggish in the afternoon. Carry oils with you at all times and share a drop of oil.

If you want more info about how to get started earning income to cover the cost of your products or more, get in touch with the person who introduced you to Young Living.

If you are a member of our team, we have a lot more ideas for sharing oils in our team members area. Fill out the form on the team site to request access: http://ylbusinessbuilders.com