Have you discovered the Prosperity and Success Newspapers yet? They are AWESOME! I keep a few with me in the car, plus several in my purse folded in half. Always prepared and in marketing mode.

Why Newspapers Work:

  • 1. Newspapers are well known sources of information and represent authority. They carry a high level of trust as an information medium. When you have Prosperity and Success Newspapers you have something that backs up what you say about a home based business.
  • 2. Newsprint is an inexpensive material and makes for an efficient marketing tool. You can easily afford to circulate hundreds in your community every month.
  • 3. These newspapers let the experts do the marketing for you. You don’t have to remember a bunch of stuff to say. Plus, the newspaper stays with the prospect long after you are gone. With your web site on the back, people can go and learn more, then sign up. Just share the tools. They work.
  • 4. Not only do the newspapers work as a promotional item to give a prospect you are talking to, they are also marvelous as leave behinds. The possibilities are endless. Leave one with a generous tip after a meal at a restaurant.
  • 5. You could build a Prosperity and Success Newspaper Route. Here are a few ideas of places you could put stacks of newspapers:

      Hotel lobbies
      Book Stores
      Health Food Stores
      Auto Repair Waiting Rooms
      Gas Stations
      Tanning Salons
      Beauty Salons
      Truck Stops
      Employee Break Room
      On Your Office Desk at Work
      Doctors Office Waiting Rooms
      Health Clubs and Spas
      At Airports When Traveling – In Lounges
      The List Is Endless

  • You will need to get permission to place stacks of newspapers at business locations. If they are agreeable, let them know you will leave a stack of 20 or so and come back once a week to replace the stack.

  • 6. Mail them out. Newspapers are great in mailing to leads or new customers and distributors.
  • 7. If you do any trade shows or business fairs, have stacks on your presentation tables. You can also hand them out when you are attending a trade show but not presenting.
  • 8. Yard Sales, Flea Markets or Craft Shows – Whether you are attending or putting the event on, you can use newspapers. If you are having a craft show presentation, put a stack of newspapers out. If you are attending the event, you can pass them out to people you run into.
  • 9. Ask Family Members to Help – Do you have any family members who would be willing to help you distribute some newspapers. One distributor in our team had a family member who had a small store. She was willing to help by putting a newspaper in each bag with customer purchases. Another distributor had a friend who owned a cafe and was willing to have stacks of newspapers on the counter where people pay.

One thing that is very important is that you put your web site and any other contact info on the back of these newspapers. I can’t tell you how many people have come to me through an online search who got one of these newspapers or other marketing materials without any contact info.
Recently I sponsored a woman who was given a newspaper at a trade show booth. She read the newspaper and was interested in getting more info but no contact info was on the newspaper anywhere. She went online and searched Young Living Essential Oils and found my web site.

Don’t lose your prospects to someone else because you forgot to put your web site and contact info on your marketing materials!

Order Prospecting Newspapers.

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