Have you ever noticed, when you go to the theater to see a movie, you can see familiar brands woven throughout the movie. Strategically placed products put there as subtle advertising. A few years ago I saw a documentary on television about advertising and how companies are actually paying to have their products placed in movies.
When I saw that documentary I started thinking about ways I could use a similar technique in my business advertising. I have been using product placement techniques for years with awesome success. I love things that take the stress out of marketing.

Why not try it for yourself! Strategically place products and other items related to your business around for people to see and spark interestin Young Living products or business.

Thanks Carol!! Your NingXia Red Wine Rack has inspired this idea for sharing ideas. I decided to make this a page where I will post ideas sent in by team members. Take a picture of your product placed in your home or office, then email me the picture and any details you want to include. I will post them here with your name and details.
Carol Wickett submitted this wonderful idea for a NingXia Red wine rack.

Here is a tip from Melissa Boice: “I leave the bottle out on the counter: 1) It’s handy for ME and 2) It is a great way to introduce Young Living to any friends that drop in. 😉
Try this handy tip: To an empty Thieves Household Cleaner bottle, add one capful of Thieves Cleaner and fill to top with water. Add a sprayer and voila! The perfect non-toxic all purpose cleaner for anywhere in your house!”
Note: Save those empty Thieves Household Cleaner bottles! This is a great idea!
Check out Melissa’s Thieves Web Site or Melissa’s Young Living Blog.

 The following idea was submitted by Carol Wickett…
A basket full of Joy Essential Oil on my coffee table . This is sure to be a conversation starter. Have one bottle open for people to smell and apply. If your guests weren’t happy when they came, they will be upon leaving!

Submitted by Melodie Kantner:
Thieves Products are great for stimulating interest in Young Living. I keep Thieves Foaming Hand Cleaner by the sink in all my bathrooms. People often ask why it’s called Thieves. That’s an opening to tell them the Thieves Story. Young Living has other foaming hand cleaners but the Thieves Story is really powerful to illustrate the power of essential oils. Get to know the Thieves Story.

Ginny Kantner placed a basket of oils out for visitors to see and sniff.

Submitted by Rebeka Muhn:
Keeping a few of your favorite products sitting out where people can see them lets people know you use Young Living products and opens the way for questions. Check out Rebeka’s web site: http://pureoils.us

Submitted by Melodie Kantner:
Slique tea is an awesome product placement. You can also offer people a cup of tea as well. You can also use a Young Living cup if you have one. I wish I had thought of it for this picture. 😉


The following idea was submitted by Carol Wickett…

Instead of using toxic air fresheners, I use Young Living Essential Oils with either Young Living’s V-6 Massage Oil or olive oil. Two of my favorite oils to use together are Abundance and Peppermint. When visitors come to my house they always comment on the wonderful smell.


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