As you read my visualization story below, remember Dr Masaru Emoto’s Water Experiment.

Visualization can be a powerful tool in achieving your goals and dreams.

When you visualize, try to picture as much detail as you possibly can about your goal or whatever you are working toward. If your goal is to climb up the ranks in Young Living to Diamond Level, you can visualize yourself going through the steps you need to take to get there.

Visualize yourself talking to people or doing things that grow your business. Visualize all kinds of possible ways people would approach you and ask for more information. Visualize yourself actually on the stage getting the award for the rank you are working toward.

Visualize all kinds of things that feel successful for you and your business. Get really detailed in your visualizations.

I’ll give you an example:

In my early career with Young Living I would visualize myself driving a Lexus. I had a Law of Attraction teacher that said to visualize something that pictured success for you and get really detailed. I had seen a pretty Champagne Gold Lexus so I visualized that car.

The teacher said, picture the car and how it looks but also picture yourself in the car. What does it smell like? Walk around it and kick the tires. Visualize yourself washing it. Picture yourself driving up in it to places where people you know will wonder how you can afford such a nice car.

Not only the car but, what does that make you feel like? What is the feeling you want to have? What feeling does the car represent?

For me . . . The feeling was FREEDOM!!

The car pictured freedom I wanted my business to provide. I was tired of the struggle to make ends meet. Tired of working crappy jobs just to get the bills paid. Tired of being exhausted at the end of a work day and only getting a few dollars for my time.

When you are doing your visualization, really linger on the feelings underneath your WHY.  Why you are really wanting a successful Young Living business.

For me it was FREEDOM, so as I did my visualizations, I focused on my metallic gold Lexus and the FREEDOM I wanted my business to provide.

Here is the neat thing . . .

After several weeks of focusing on a gold Lexus and FREEDOM, I found myself needing to replace my car. I wanted a used car about 3 or 4 years old.  We drove to Columbus, Ohio to look at a used Toyota Camry that had been advertised in the newspaper. When we got to the car lot, the Camry was a mess and was not treated gently by the previous owner.

No way on that Camry but what do you suppose was down a few cars from that Camry?

It was a beautiful gold Lexus!! When I first saw it I wasn’t going to test drive it because I figured it was too much money and I was not totally adjusted to having decent money coming in.

The car was so beautiful and it was a LEXUS!!  I decided to test drive it anyway.

Guess what?!!  I ended up buying that car that day!

As we were driving home it hit me. I started to cry as I realized, this was the exact car I had been visualizing.  I had seen a metallic gold Lexus I liked and that  was the image I used in my visualization, exact color and model.

To me, this was proof that there was power in visualization and the Law of Attraction.  How we can affect things with the power of what we think.

Now that I have made the connection about Dr Masaru Emoto’s Water Experiment, and seen how our words and thoughts are alive, I am even more convinced that we can really attract what we want in our live.

Really get detailed when you do visualizations.


While you are doing your visualizations, tap the EFT Points.  Visualize and Tap!!! Add some essential oil to your fingertips as you tap to power it up even more. Several Young Living blends would be awesome: Abundance, Envision, Believe, Magnify Your Purpose, Highest Potential, Dream Catcher . . .

EFT  can really enhance your visualizations. It helps imprint your visualizations down into your cells. Each EFT point represents a body organ. It’s a powerful tool to enhance visualizations and affirmations.

If you need to learn EFT, go to my EFT for Network Marketers website: