Having a growth mindset is a really important key in the success of your Young Living business. It doesn’t matter if you plan a full time income or a part time supplemental income.

A growth mindset is the belief that you can improve and grow with effort and perseverance. If you trouble in this area, grab a bottle of Young Living’s Believe essential oil blend. Apply and inhale whenever you are feeling doubts about your ability to grow.

People with a growth mindset don’t beat up on themselves whenever they make a mistake. They learn from their mistakes. They make adjustments and keep on going when they have setbacks.

There are many things that you can do to develop a growth mindset.

Here are some tips on how to do that:

  • Set goals and track your progress. – Know where you want to go in your Young Living business. Set small goals and larger ones. Keep those goals in mind as you are working toward them. Use Magnify Your Purpose oil blend and think about the goals and how you will grow with each step.
  • Read about or listen to people with a growth mindset similar to the direction you want to make progress in. Listen to audios and videos. Watch Facebook Lives on the USAYoungLiving Facebook page. A recent Win the Week had Diamond leader Lori Borre talking about how to draw people into oily conversations and sell without feeling icky. She starts speaking at about 22 minutes into the video. It’s awesome!! Massive growth here.

    Lori also has a book The Harvest – Service Driven Sales In A Me Driven World.

    Follow people on Instagram and Facebook and watch how they are talking about using the oils in every day living, not selling and pitching but sharing how they are living healthy.

  • Learn some Sharing Ideas and choose what fits your style and have them in mind and prepared for oily conversations.
  • Take on challenging tasks. Try something new. Make a video or show yourself making a DIY recipe. Have an oil class. Start with using oils in front of people. Share a drop of Stress Away.
  • Remember the essential oil blends that help with growth mindset. Some examples are Magnify Your Purpose, Abundance, Believe, Envision, Highest Potential, Transformation, Valor.

By focusing a growth mindset, you can grow your Young Living business into whatever degree of success you want.


If you want to achieve success in your Young Living business, you need consistent income producing activity. The key to success is consistency. If you want to be creating some exciting success in your team, you need to be taking action in your business on a consistent basis.

Taking small actions consistently over time can add up to some big results. If taking action is hard for you, if you have a hard time motivating yourself to call people or get out to network, there is a simple process that will make this so much easier for you. If you practice this little skill for even a couple of weeks, you will notice that taking action in your business feels as easy as putting on your shoes.

Just like building a muscle in your body, you start small. You want to do many repetitions, and then gradually add more weight.

Building an Activity Muscle

    Start small
    Many repetitions
    Gradually add weight

This activity will be helpful for those times that you feel like you are starting over after a period of time where you have found your activity dropping off. Things happen – Illness, a son or daughter getting married, depression, etc. You will have times when you need a reboot. I’m with you there. For me, postcard size flyers, leave behinds and drop cards directing people to my web site.

First step of building an activity muscle is to make a list of actions to grow your team.


  • EVERY DAY wear an oil that will cause someone to comment on how good you smell (opening to say: “I’m wearing natural Essential Oils because I prefer a toxin free perfume. This one is called Stress Away. It smells great and who doesn’t want a little Stress Away these days? Have you ever used Essential Oils? …” Use Abundance, Stress Away or other oil choice. Mention what oil and why you like it. Be compliant. ) Have your 30 second commercial prepared (a brief word or two about how to get more information) and something printed with your referral link ready.

  • Pass out 3 or more flyers a day (invites to oil class, Toxin Free Living audio or other online presentation)
  • Connecting with 3 new people a day online or offline
  • More ideas below.

Once you have a list of actions, choose a couple things from that list and create a very simple action plan.
When you create your plan, add ONLY the actions you feel confident that you will actually complete.

Choose the easiest ones that you know you will follow through with and start with these. If connecting with 3 new people a day feels too hard, simplify it to ONE a day. You can add more as your activity muscle gets stronger. If daily feels too difficult, try a weekly goal. For example: If 3 flyers a day seems too stressful, set a goal for 5 a week or whatever feels right for you. Make sure you have plenty of flyers with you so you don’t miss opportunities.

You can always do more but for this first stem of the activity muscle process you want to UNDER PROMISE so it is easy for you to succeed.

You want to be able to say to yourself, “I can do that!” and then easily follow through. Your mindset is very important. Having the “I can do that!” belief will help you make progress much faster. Use Believe oil blend.

Second step is to reward yourself every time you follow through and complete those actions. This is very important because any behavior that gets rewarded becomes automatic. You can come up with any kind of reward you like but it should be something simple that brings a sense of joy or makes you feel good. These days I reward myself by painting, drawing or playing a game. Reward yourself with something fun. 😉

Don’t sweat the results. If you make several calls and no one seems interested in meeting with you or you host an event and no one buys anything, don’t sweat that. It’s ok. At this point you just want to be taking action and rewarding yourself when you follow through.

Some of those people who said no in the beginning will eventually see your success and the fun you are having and will want to join you. Stick with it and watch and see how that happens.

Keep working at building your activity muscle. After a couple weeks, you will get stronger, your confidence will grow and you will be able to do more. You may even find yourself taking on new things you thought you would never be able to do.

A Few Activity Ideas

  • EVERY DAY wear an oil that will cause someone to comment on how good you smell (opening to say: “I’m wearing natural Essential Oils because I prefer a toxin free perfume. This one is called Stress Away. It smells great and who doesn’t want a little Stress Away these days. Have you ever used Essential Oils? …” Use Abundance, Stress Away or other oil choice. Mention what oil and why you like it. Be compliant.) Then give them a flyer or card inviting them to an oil class, your Facebook oil class, toxin free living audio on your website.

  • Wear clothing, convention pins, bags and other things with YL Logo or oil related images that stir questions.
  • Have your 30 second commercial prepared and flyers or invites to oil classes or your web site ready.
  • Connecting with 1-3 new people a day online or offline
  • Take a picture of a way you are using oils in your life. Post the picture on Facebook or Instagram and mention why you like oils.
  • Share Oily Tips on Facebook and a link with your referral # to YL Shopping platform.
  • Things To Add Later Later When You Feel Ready

  • Host an oil class or business presentation. Decide how many you want to do in a month.
  • Do a vendor event

  • .

    Young Living Business Building Goals and Resolutions
    Hard to believe it is the beginning of another new year. This is the time of year that people set new goals for the upcoming year. I’m not one for New Year’s Resolutions. People usually don’t take those seriously, however, I am a firm believer in setting goals and making action plans to achieve those goals.

    Every year it is a good plan to look back at the previous year and think about different things that have happened up to this point. Reflecting on both the good things that happened and things that weren’t so good. Don’t spend much time on the things that weren’t so good but just enough time to take note of anything that you learned or ways you could get a better outcome.

    Young Living Gratitude Essential Oil

    Young Living Gratitude Essential Oil

    Not only is it important to be regularly analyzing things and improving as we go, it is also important to express Gratitude and celebrate the successes of the previous year. Celebrating is really important because it sets a success energy that attracts more good things. I recommend you use Young Living Gratitude Essential Oil Blend while you are doing this. Gratitude oil has a very abundance attracting energy.

    Three Reasons to Reflect on and Celebrate Success:

    1. We train our subconscious to be aware and open to success and abundance.
    2. We give our subconscious and conscious mind PROOF of our success and progress.
    3. It builds self-esteem, confidence and belief in our abilities.

    Some things to include in your reflection:

    Any successes large and small. Even the things you consider small. Some of these small successes are stepping stones to larger successes.

    New things you learned – This is a huge one that people often forget to include. Reflect on all the training you have taken, books you have read, videos & audios and live events you have attended, anything that has been good for growth in your personal development or business skills. Really celebrate this one knowing that training and personal development is the biggest success secret of network marketing professionals who earn full time income.

    Don’t forget the things you learned by trial and error. Like when you began learning to write a blog or make a video.

    There are lots of things you can add to your list. I recommend writing down your reflections. If you have been following my training for any length of time, you should have this done from previous years and have saved them. If so, take out some of your past years reflections and look at the progress over the years. This is really fun.

    Reflecting on the progress you have made builds confidence. When I look back on the early days, when I was afraid to step into the leadership role, I am amazed at how far I have come. Network Marketing is the best business for personal growth and with Young Living we have awesome essential oils that enhance progress in so many ways.

    After you have finished reflecting on the previous year, you can make a plan of action for the upcoming year. What will you do to increase your business? How will you improve on your marketing skills and what will you do to implement. Think about where you want to be at the end of this year. Write that down. Then make a list of all the things you plan to do to get there.

    Writing all of this down is very important. It helps you have a direction for the year. Keep a copy of both the reflecting of the previous year and the plan for next year. It is really empowering to look back at the things you have accomplished in the past and how far you have come, especially when you have the notes for several years. You can see your growth over the years which is such a confidence booster.

    It is also good to reflect on your WHY. Why you are building this business.

    Click image to make it larger.

    For more, read “How Strong is Your Why?

    Take Action. If you don’t take action, NOTHING will happen. Actually you need to take appropriate action. Some people fiddle with this and that doing “business tasks” and are not really doing action that amounts to making progress.


    Every morning ask yourself, “What can I do today to MOVE my business forward toward the success of my goals for my Young Living business?” What can I do today to get more people to ask me about essential oils?


    There is an old saying “when you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” That applies to any endeavor but especially to your Young Living Business.

    Success in any endeavor, starts with a goal. The only way to have a profitable business is to set goals and take income producing action. An average person with clearly defined, written goals will run circles around a genius without them.

    Goals and a plan are what guide you. Average people do not have a plan. They get caught up in busywork because of overwhelm. Overwhelm leads to doubt and fear that paralyzes them . When you are not working from a plan, you end up spinning your wheels.

    Know your WHY
    Part of setting up goals is to know WHY you are doing this. What do you want to accomplish?

    Be Specific
    Set goals that actually mean something. Don’t just set a goal that you want to earn more money. The goals must be specific and you must write them down. If your goal is income related, don’t just say I want more income. Make is specific. Let’s say, an income goal of earning $2,000 a month in your Young Living Business. Set a time frame or a deadline in which you can realistically accomplish that goal. I like to set a time frame, then work to beat my time frame. If you miss your deadline, simply reset the deadline and keep working on it. Sometimes things happen that effect your timeline. If that happens, no biggie, just reset the deadline and keep moving toward it.

    Set Smaller Goals as Stepping Stones goals1b
    Once you decide what goals you have, the next step is to set small goals that are stepping stones to get you to your bigger goals. If your goal is an income amount, what are you going to do to make it happen. What daily activities are you going to do to get you there. Write down those goals too. I like to make a list of monthly goals every month on the first of the month.

    Make a Plan of ACTION
    Make a list of all the things you will do take steps toward reaching your goal. Use as many details as possible.


      How many people do you want to talk to every day or every week?
      How many business cards, flyers or other promotional pieces will you give out?
      How many Drop Cards will you leave?
      How many postcards will you mail?
      How many Oil Classes will you teach?
      How many One on One Oil Meetings will have with prospects?
      How many Social Media contacts will you make every day?
      How many follow up phone calls?
      How many articles will you write?
      How many emails will you respond to?
      How many info packets will you mail out?
      How many Care Packages will you send?

      How many SUCCESS MINDSET, Personal Development books, audios, videos, etc?
      How many training audios will you listen to?

    I could go on and on here with things you could add to your plan. Be detailed, write it down, add things as you need to and keep moving. Make your plan of action, then take ACTION.

    Visualize Yourself Reaching Your Goal
    Visualization is very important in working toward reaching your goal. You should do some visualization every day. Try to be as clear and vivid as possible. Visualize what you will be doing and how you will act once you reach your goal. I like to lay in bed before I sleep with a bit of visualization.

    A Visualization Tool I Use:
    Many years ago I had the idea that I could make a check that looks like my company bonus check. A check written to me in the amount of my goal. I made a scan of one of my bonus checks and saved it as an image template that I could update as my goal changed. My first income goal was $1,000 a month but I decided that I wanted it to look like a real number rather than a pretend check so I made it $1158.15. I printed it so I could have it visible on my desk so I could see it every day while I work. Once I reached that goal, I made another one for $2158.15. Every time I reached my goal, I made up a new check with another thousand added to it.

    In the beginning, having the checks increase by $1,000 seemed easier to believe in. I still do this. I always have a check with my current income goal that I am working toward. Having it printed and on my desk makes it easier to visualize it.

    Another visualization tool is the Visualize Silver Mind Movie

    I also do EFT for clearing blocks to my income goals. Two EFT videos by Margaret Lynch. Tap through these DAILY. You can start with the $1,000.00 a month, then proceed to the $3,000. a month. Or, you can jump straight to the $3,000.00 a month.

    Tapping helps you remove any resistance to increasing income. You may not think you have blocks to increasing income but subconscious programming can cause us to sabotage by procrastinating and lots of other ways. EFT can clear that.

    Tapping for and Extra $1,000.00 a Month

    Tapping for and Extra $3,000.00 a Month

    Whatever goals you have, keep working toward them. Never give up.