I hope you are doing daily Abundance Oil inhalation and focusing on growing in abundance.

Today I want to talk to you about ALLOWING abundance. It may sound silly to even need to bring this up. Of course I want abundance! The problem is, we all have things in our past that can contribute to BLOCKS and RESISTANCE. There are a LOT of different things that can cause this. I have some tools to help with this so NO WORRIES! 😉

I will let you know a couple of my abundance blocks to help get us started. In my past I had a couple traumatic experiences that made me know, deep down inside, that it is not safe in this world. The most traumatic was at age 9 a stranger attempted to abduct me. I was able to escape so nothing serious happened but I was really traumatized. That event stayed with me to this day. This shows up in all kinds of blocks and restrictions in abundance and even weight loss areas. One subconscious block was a fear of being too visible.

Another thing I want to mention is my parents fear of people stealing your money. Today there is a big problem with identity theft. As a child I heard my parents talking about people stealing your credit cards and stealing your money. I subconsciously took on my parents fears. For me, it translated to fear of having enough money for people to want to steal it. This is a subconscious fear. Our subconscious could actually make a VOW to never have enough money for someone to steal.

This can happen in small seeming insignificant ways too. An experience that happened to someone else can make an impact. One example: When I was elementary school age I saw a friend fall off the stage after giving a presentation. She tripped on the microphone cord and fell flat on her face. I laughed out loud and then was embarrassed that I laughed. My laughing at her made an impact on my subconscious mind. If I laughed at her when she made a mistake on stage, people will laugh at ME.

It’s interesting how our subconscious mind works. Years ago I started using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to help clear some of my emotional blocks. EFT is a wonderful tool for removing blocks but also raising energy level for most anything you are working to make progress in. I use EFT a LOT with affirmations and positive self talk. Affirmations are good but if I want to really make them powerful, I add an essential oil like Abundance Oil and then tap through the EFT points while focusing on the affirmations.

When you start doing EFT on a certain fear or emotional block, you might notice things from your past coming into your mind. This is VERY important. These memories that pop into your mind will be important things to tap on and clear. The tapping seems to bring things to mind.

Large and even the small things can become blocks and resistance to your progress. It’s like when one wheel on a shopping cart is stuck. You can move forward but it’s slower than it would be if all the wheels were moving in the right direction. Well, we can fix that! Thanks to EFT and other energy exercises you can clear these things that are blocking and slowing you down.

EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques is a form of psychological acupressure. With EFT you are tapping on various acupuncture meridian points while you focus on a negative issue you would like to change. You can also use EFT while saying affirmations.

More on EFT here:
What is EFT and How Can It Help Your Network Marketing Business?

EFT Points and Corresponding Body Organs

Remember, words have power. You can add allowing statements to your morning energy exercise. You can also tap through the EFT points as you do the energy exercise or other visualizations. Put oils on your fingertips before you tap.

I will be adding more on common blocks and resistance to abundance in upcoming blog posts, as well as EFT to help you clear each one.


Releasing Blocks and Allowing Abundance


As you read my visualization story below, remember Dr Masaru Emoto’s Water Experiment.

Visualization can be a powerful tool in achieving your goals and dreams.

When you visualize, try to picture as much detail as you possibly can about your goal or whatever you are working toward. If your goal is to climb up the ranks in Young Living to Diamond Level, you can visualize yourself going through the steps you need to take to get there.

Visualize yourself talking to people or doing things that grow your business. Visualize all kinds of possible ways people would approach you and ask for more information. Visualize yourself actually on the stage getting the award for the rank you are working toward.

Visualize all kinds of things that feel successful for you and your business. Get really detailed in your visualizations.

I’ll give you an example:

In my early career with Young Living I would visualize myself driving a Lexus. I had a Law of Attraction teacher that said to visualize something that pictured success for you and get really detailed. I had seen a pretty Champagne Gold Lexus so I visualized that car.

The teacher said, picture the car and how it looks but also picture yourself in the car. What does it smell like? Walk around it and kick the tires. Visualize yourself washing it. Picture yourself driving up in it to places where people you know will wonder how you can afford such a nice car.

Not only the car but, what does that make you feel like? What is the feeling you want to have? What feeling does the car represent?

For me . . . The feeling was FREEDOM!!

The car pictured freedom I wanted my business to provide. I was tired of the struggle to make ends meet. Tired of working crappy jobs just to get the bills paid. Tired of being exhausted at the end of a work day and only getting a few dollars for my time.

When you are doing your visualization, really linger on the feelings underneath your WHY.  Why you are really wanting a successful Young Living business.

For me it was FREEDOM, so as I did my visualizations, I focused on my metallic gold Lexus and the FREEDOM I wanted my business to provide.

Here is the neat thing . . .

After several weeks of focusing on a gold Lexus and FREEDOM, I found myself needing to replace my car. I wanted a used car about 3 or 4 years old.  We drove to Columbus, Ohio to look at a used Toyota Camry that had been advertised in the newspaper. When we got to the car lot, the Camry was a mess and was not treated gently by the previous owner.

No way on that Camry but what do you suppose was down a few cars from that Camry?

It was a beautiful gold Lexus!! When I first saw it I wasn’t going to test drive it because I figured it was too much money and I was not totally adjusted to having decent money coming in.

The car was so beautiful and it was a LEXUS!!  I decided to test drive it anyway.

Guess what?!!  I ended up buying that car that day!

As we were driving home it hit me. I started to cry as I realized, this was the exact car I had been visualizing.  I had seen a metallic gold Lexus I liked and that  was the image I used in my visualization, exact color and model.

To me, this was proof that there was power in visualization and the Law of Attraction.  How we can affect things with the power of what we think.

Now that I have made the connection about Dr Masaru Emoto’s Water Experiment, and seen how our words and thoughts are alive, I am even more convinced that we can really attract what we want in our live.

Really get detailed when you do visualizations.


While you are doing your visualizations, tap the EFT Points.  Visualize and Tap!!! Add some essential oil to your fingertips as you tap to power it up even more. Several Young Living blends would be awesome: Abundance, Envision, Believe, Magnify Your Purpose, Highest Potential, Dream Catcher . . .

EFT  can really enhance your visualizations. It helps imprint your visualizations down into your cells. Each EFT point represents a body organ. It’s a powerful tool to enhance visualizations and affirmations.

If you need to learn EFT, go to my EFT for Network Marketers website:  http://www.melodiekantner.com



What do pennies have to do with abundance and financial freedom you ask? Plenty.

I Am Attracting Money!

As a Young Living business builder, you are intending to attract abundance and build financial freedom. Your goal is to attract income. Do you pick up coins off the ground when you see them? You should! Even the pennies, there is POWER in the pennies.

Every time I see a penny lying on the ground I take the time to reach down and pick it up and put it right into my pocket or purse. Do I need a penny? No. Is a penny going to make a dent in my financial life? No. Why do I bother then?

It’s because of a tip I learned from the book: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker. When you find a coin on the ground, celebrate that you attracted money. “How abundant I am! I am always attracting money!”
I like to say that out loud so I turn to Mark and hold the penny up so he can see it, then I say, “Look how abundant I am. I attracted money!” Even if it’s a penny.

Don’t say, “I found a penny.” It’s MONEY! Always pick up any coins and celebrate that you attracted MONEY. The Law of Attraction doesn’t know the difference between a penny or a thousand dollars.

Every time you pick up a penny you are demonstrating that you are a vibrational match for receiving money.

Do you know what happens when you see a penny and leave it on the ground because it’s not worth it to you to pick up? You are sending a vibrational message that you are not open to abundance. Basically blocking the flow of abundance. You are vibrationally saying, “Don’t bother trying to send me money. If you do I either won’t notice it or won’t bother to pick it up.”

Found Pennies – I Am a Money Magnet!

I recently read an article by Jackie Ulmer where she said she saves all her found coins in a glass jar on her “dream shelf.” What a great idea. I started putting my coins in jars too. Pretty ones. I have inserted my jar of pennies. Silver colored coins are in another jar.

I used to collect them in a bag and redeem for dollars but I like to keep the pennies as a symbol of abundance I have attracted, and NOT cash them in! As a side note, I keep my pennies on the shelf with my Young Living awards collection. Side note: We Reds LOVE the awards. 😉

In order to be a money magnet, attracting abundance, you must be open to receiving money. Keep an eye out for those pennies!

Observe and celebrate any abundance you already have, no matter how small. If someone treats you to a cup of coffee, mentally celebrate abundance. Some things you should say out loud but at least mentally say, “I am such a magnet for abundance!”

When your Young Living order arrives, open the box, pull out all those FREE oils you got for Monthly Gifts and CELEBRATE how abundant you are and how grateful you are for being part of such an AWESOME company!

Also, don’t forget to celebrate when you redeem YL Loyalty Rewards Points for free products.

Law of Attraction works whether we are focusing on good abundant things or even if we focus on negative bad things. What we focus on we attract more of. If we are focusing on how bad the economy is or how high the gas prices are or whatever other negative things are going on, we turn our energy into one that actually repels the good that we want to attract. So let’s focus on some good things.

And, don’t forget to wear your Abundance Oil!! 😉


In 1999 Young Living Training Tapes 11, 12 & 13 were on “Building Business with Conscious Languaging” by Marcella vonn Harting & Robert Tennyson Stevens. The series focused on the power of the words we use very day. We used to get a training tape with every order. Kind of miss those.

What I really appreciated about the Conscious Language tapes is that they helped me to STOP sabotaging my efforts by making statements that undo the positive efforts I make.

Some Examples:
Do you find yourself saying things like:

    “I can’t afford that.”
    “I don’t have the money for ___”
    “I just can’t seem to make ends meet.”
    “I never have enough money.”
    “hard-earned money”

One thing I had to stop saying was, “I can’t afford it.” Words are powerful. A better way to say that is, “I don’t choose to spend money on that right now.”

I used to get really angry and depressed if I didn’t have enough money for everything I needed. Now, whenever I pay a bill or spend some money, I say “Money is constantly circulating in my life. I release it with joy and it returns to me multiplied many times over.”

My sister heard a woman who was paying for something say, “I have this amazing purse. No matter how much money I spend, there is always more money in it.” Now THAT is the way to have a better energy about spending money.

I used to get really tense about money back in the days when money was tight. Paying bills was an especially anxious time. Listen to Michael Losier Law of Attraction audios to help understand why the words you use and the emotion you feel when speaking them are so important.

I have noticed that when I was the most stressed about money, I had the worst success with business.

If I catch myself saying something negative, I do as the “Conscious Language” tapes suggest. “Cancel – Clear” or Delete” Then say something that is positive to neutralize the negative statement I just said.

I have heard people make statements like: It’s so slow building a business. I can’t get anyone interested in the oils. I send out all these packets and no one signs up.

Instead say things like: My business grows quickly. Everywhere I go people want to know about the oils. People are blessed and motivated by the information I share.

Don’t say things that are opposite of what you want in your business and in your life. Set your intent as to what you want in your business, then focus on that. Or, as Michael Losier says, “Ask yourself: What DO I want?”

In Michael Losier’s Law of Attraction training he teaches that you first must decide what you don’t want.

On a piece of paper, draw a line down the middle. On the left side, write “What I don’t want:” Write everything you can think of that you DON’T want for your business. When you have completed the list of what you don’t want, go to the top of the list and draw a line through the first thing on the list of what you DON’T want. Then, on the right side of the paper, write what you DO want. Do this for each thing on the list. Crossing out what you don’t want and replace it with what you DO want. Do this for your Young Living business.

What I DON’T want What I DO want
It’s hard to find people to sign up in my business To easily attract people
I keep getting team members who don’t stay in the business Team members who love the product and eagerly grow their businesses
I have so much doubt about being successful My confidence grows every day
My business grows slowly My business grows very fast
I keep getting rejected when I try to tell others about my business I’m attracting people who want to know more about my business and join me
I’m not making the money I want. I’m broke and desperate for more money My income increases steadily. I have a surplus and abundance of money

Focus on the words in the, What I DO Want side. Speak and think on those words. If you catch yourself saying or thinking negative thoughts, say or think something positive.

Here’s an idea: Put Abundance oil on everything you mail or pass out. I put Abundance oil on before I touch anything I put in an info packet. As you are getting the packet together, You are raising your abundance energy and making positive energy that will ride along in the packet. 🙂
Set your intent: What I DO want:
“People are blessed and motivated by the information I share.”

One of the first distributors I sponsored used to repeatedly tell me that she lived in Minnesota where everyone is conservative and NO ONE is interested in alternative health. Really? NO ONE?? She never had success with Young Living and so she quit and has jumped from company to company, never giving anything time to build. I had even moved new members under her. (To structure my organization for qualifying) If she hadn’t quit, she would have had 89 distributors in her group. The average order in that leg this month is $291. I have known her for years and I know she has never built a large organization with any company.

I tried to tell her about the Conscious Language tapes. She was sure it wouldn’t work. She claimed to be an expert with network marketing and even co-published a MLM magazine called “Small Potatoes.” That name says it all.

Hey! As I have been writing this blog post, I am listening to my Happy playlist on Spotify. It just started over. The first song is placed with intent: I’m Good by the Mowgli’s! “I’m Good, I’m Good, I’m Good! Living life just like I should. I’m Good, I’m Good, I’m Good!”
I have songs that are strong and uplifting, also motivating. I have put the embed code here so you can use it anytime you need a lift. Put on some happy oils and listen to music. 😉

Happy Playlist on Spotify


Your thoughts and words are energy. Every person, plant, animal, rock, tree, every physical thing sends out energy. We are all radiating either a positive or negative energy. Positive energy attracts, Negative energy repels.

Did you know one positive word can change water’s structure? There is proof. A Japanese scientist named Masaru Emoto made a series of tests. Emoto realized both positive and negative words can have an influence on water’s structure by changing water’s crystals. During his study of water, Emoto came to some fascinating revelations. He came to a belief that water was the so-called ‘’blueprint of our reality’’ and our emotional energy and vibrations can change the physical structure of water.

Positive words created nicely shaped crystals, while negative words created ugly, disease-like crystals making water appear dirty and sick. Remember, our bodies are made up of a large percentage of water.

Watch the 3 minute video here:
Dr Masaru Emoto’s Water Experiment – Words are Alive!

Remember the saying “Sending off good vibes?” You actually do. Good or bad. Or how about, have you ever been in a good mood and someone with a bad mood entered the room? Have you noticed your own energy dropping? Even when no words are spoken, you can feel the drop in your energy.

Gary Young has tested this on more than one occasion. That is why Young Living field workers are not allowed to go in the field if they are angry or use foul language.

Gary has done experiments with this. One test was with 2 women praising each other next to some Melissa plants, then harvesting and distilling the plants in the area. They did another test in another section of Melissa plants where 2 women were arguing and swearing at each other beside the plants. They harvested and distilled the plants. What they found is that the Melissa plants that were harvested and distilled with 2 women praising each other produced much more oil than the batch with 2 women arguing and swearing.

Now, stop and think about your Young Living Business. If water and plants can be affected by our words and emotions, can you see how important it is to approach our business tasks every day with a powerful positive energy?

Knowing how powerful our thoughts and words are, you can see why people love to repeat affirmations. Like thoughts attract like thoughts. When enough of these similar thoughts have come together, the vibrations become heavier. Like energies (thoughts) attract to each other. This is called the law of attraction. Like attracts Like.

Remember this also works not only for the good thoughts but for bad thoughts, such as fear or lack. So, if you intend on an abundantly growing business, you want to focus on what that looks like for you. Even if your natural eye is seeing something different. You will attract what you think about.

Don’t forget to apply Abundance Oil every day to attract good things. 😉