You have a gift you can share your family and friends, but it can feel uncomfortable talking about it. You may worry that they will think you are just trying to make a sale. It doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Just a little mental shift is all it takes.

When you love something you easily talk about it. Think of something else in your life that you love talking about but you don’t have any potential to earn money from. You just naturally talk about it.

For example. I am a artist. Over the years I have dabbled in various forms of art. Examples are drawing, oil painting, watercolor, and copper enamel jewelry making. Lately combining my copper enamel pieces with gemstones and lava stone for unique diffuser jewelry. The point is, I love art and I naturally talk about it. I even sell my art but that doesn’t make me afraid to talk about it.

Talking about what you love feels totally normal. When you are talking about your love for your art, or whatever is fun and exciting for you, it is easy to talk about and will naturally come up in conversations.

This is the mindset you need to have with your oils and healthy lifestyle. Whether you are going out or you are having friends over or chatting up friends on social media, you can be a walking advertisement for the oily lifestyle.

Secret Tip – Get Them to Ask YOU

Do you want to know a few secrets to get people to ask YOU about the oils without you even bringing it up?

That’s my absolute FAVORITE way to get oil conversations started with my friends and family. I make THEM bring it up.

There are LOTS of awesome ways to do this. Here are a few tips and make sure you don’t miss the slides with captions below.

1. Wear your oils. You will smell wonderful when you walk in and people will notice. Many will ask, “What smells so good?” That’s your open door to step through and make an brief comment. Not a sales pitch. Just a comment, “Oh that’s my Stress Away oil. I wear that one on those crazy days.

I love Abundance oil and I wear it everywhere. It smells wonderful and MANY people ask about it. Strangers comment on how wonderful it smells. One old friend told me he liked to hug me because always felt better when he could get a good whiff of my oil. Abundance oil is the reason I started with Young Living 27 years ago. At the time, I was very depressed because of our financial situation Abundance oil is very mood uplifting. Someone shared a couple drops with me. It lifted me up within minutes and I was stunned at how fast it worked. I had to get my own bottle!

2. Use oils in front of people. Carry oils with you wherever you go. I have an oil bag in my purse that fits several oils I like to use deliberately in front of people. It has Peppermint, lemon, Joy, Abundance, DiGize, Stress Away, and whatever else moves me at the moment.
Peppermint or lemon I will put on the dinner table and add a drop to my water. In a restaurant, when at a friend’s house for dinner or when someone comes to dinner at my house. I deliberately sit the bottle next to my plate. I offer a drop to my friends. I give them the option of lemon or peppermint. In restaurants, I have had people notice and ask about it. That is when I say a little something and give them a card with my web site address.

Use whatever oil you feel motivated to use at the moment but deliberately do it in front of people. If you are in a group of family or friends and there are kids who seem to be bouncing off the walls, pull out your Peace and Calming and do a quick swipe on the kids. Or, make a point to put some in the diffuser and say something about calming things down a bit.

There are all kinds of options here. Use your oils and then, if someone asks, tell why you love that oil.

3. Diffuse those oils when family comes over for dinner! Your house will smell great and people will notice. Set your diffuser out where people can see it. It is a conversation opener. “That’s my essential oil diffuser. I love diffusing essential oils to freshen the air and uplift the mood. Plus, diffusing is much healthier than the harmful chemicals in candles and room fresheners.”

4. Show and Tell – Have oils on display everywhere. Displaying the oils is one of the best ways to start conversations with friends and family. Don’t have them hidden away where no one can ask you about them! Not only oils but oil books, diffusers and anything oily. Put your Essential Oils Desk Reference on the coffee table.

Thieves foaming soap in the bathroom and by the kitchen sink. Vitality oils in the kitchen, a couple oils on the coffee table, display a couple supplements that you have a great story about.

I have Mineral Essence and Sulfurzyme sitting out for 2 reasons. 1. Reminder to take it. 2. I can tell my story.
Lately I love sharing my Sulfurzyme story and how taking Sulfurzyme to support my healthy joints, has caused an exciting side benefit: my gray hair has almost totally disappeared. I used to get lowlights to hide my grays. It has been many years since I have had anything done to hide the gray hairs.

Idea: I save all of my empty oil bottles. I save them for use in photos I share in Social Media. There are lots of uses for bottles in photos. I also sometimes need a Dietary label when I have been using the oil from a bottle with the other label. Must be compliant so I go grab one of the empties I have for the photo. I also have all of my empty bottles saved in baskets around my house. They are on display in beautiful hand made baskets made by my Mom and my sister Melissa Boice. They become beautiful oily works of art and conversation starters!! I’m sneaky that way. 😉 These oil displays around the house are a testament to my love and heavy use of oils without my even having to speak a word.

I took a few pictures around my house so you could see some examples. Read each caption. I tell why each thing is in the picture. Everything is thought out and placed around the house for a reason. I want oil conversations to come up naturally and feel totally comfortable for my friends and for ME!

Click the arrows or the dots to see each picture and story.

Listen for opportunities to insert a mention about the oils, or share an oil. Swipe a bit of Stress Away on them or whatever. They have a headache? “Here. Try some of this peppermint. Just put a couple drops on back of neck, temples and inhale.” Or, try that same thing using Deep Relief. Just inhaling that one is awesome.
You are not selling just sharing. They might ask where they can get some right there but more than likely you are planting a seed.

Here is an example I heard from YL Diamond Jami Nato:

    “Yesterday my neighbor and I were talking in our driveway. She had a friend with her. My neighbor’s friend as talking about a problem with her horse. I said, “I am such a hippie. I have something you should try.” I gave her some oils in a spray bottle to spray on her horse. I am a generous passer outer of my oils. I make up roller bottles and share. I was doing that before I made any money.”

Generosity will be a HUGE part of your business growing. You will often need to invest into people by giving them samples of an oil that has been helpful for you.
Example: Make a tantrum roller for the play date group (for a 10ml roller: 10 drops lavender, 5 drops orange, fill the rest with carrier, enjoy your life!)

You know what people are struggling with usually so I would say be thoughtful and meet a need here. Make the samples small and a good idea is to make them from the starter kit since you are always pointing arrows here. The starter kit is the best bang for your customer’s buck AND the best return for those building a business. It is a win win!

Your friends should be aware that you sell stuff. Don’t make a big stress over that. If you work at an office or a store, you don’t have any trouble telling people where you work. If you own a brick and mortar business, same thing.

Your oils business is no different. Let people know. You can just matter of fact say, “I love essential oils so much I decided to start my own essential oils business. I needed to earn enough to pay for my oil habit.”

Don’t make it weird. It’s just the fact. If you feel uncomfortable about it, they will feel it. If you are open and matter of fact, just stating the fact and not doing a sales pitch, it will feel completely natural.

With some friends you are more comfortable with you may feel like being more bold and playful:

“Yea. I do sell oils. Do you want to buy some?” Make a lighthearted comment. No big deal. Eventually some will become your customers. They will need what you have and, because you did not keep silent about your oil habit, they will know to come to you for help.

When you get into oil conversations you could add something like this: “I have been using Young Living Oils and supplements for a while now and I really love the products and way I feel so I decided I want to take advantage of Young Living’s income opportunity and earn enough to cover my oil habit, and, who knows, maybe build some extra income on top of that. I was just thinking, I would love for you to join me and we could do this together. It would be really fun!”

You can do as little or as much as you want with your Young Living business. It’s up to you. I started my YL business to cover the cost of my oils but it has grown into a full time income for myself and several family members.