“You will become what you think about most; your success or failure in anything, large or small, will depend on your programming—what you accept from others, and what you say when you talk to yourself.” ― Shad Helmstetter, What To Say When You Talk To Your Self

“Repetition is a convincing argument.” ― Shad Helmstetter, What To Say When You Talk To Your Self

Those are two quotes from one of my favorite books. I always recommend anyone who wants success in anything read it. Whether you want success in building your Young Living Business or success in health and fitness goals, the words we are saying over and over have a powerful impact on your success in any endeavor.

The more you say the same things over and over to yourself the more you internalize it. Young Living Business Success
For instance, if you have fears about building a successful Young Living Business and you are repeating negative words in your head or speaking them out loud, they become reality.

Here are a few common statements people struggle with as they are building their business:

  • It’s hard to find people to sign up in my business
  • I keep getting team members who don’t stay in the business
  • I have so much doubt about being successful
  • I keep getting rejected when I try to tell others about my business
  • I’m not making the money I want, I’m broke and desperate for more money
  • Can you hear yourself saying this or something similar?

    Another area to watch out for is your vocabulary about money. Do you find yourself using words like “hard-earned money” or “I can’t afford that”? Usually you don’t even notice you are using self-defeating language. We all struggle with it but if you make an effort to stop and switch to some better words, it is possible to get in the habit of better self talk.

    Michael Losier teaches: Each time you hear yourself talk about what you DON’T want, and each time you hear yourself complain or observe what you DON’T want, or catch yourself in a negative self-talk pattern, ask yourself this question:

    So, what do I want?

    Change the words.

    What I DON’T want
    What I DO want

    It’s hard to find people to sign up in my business
    To easily attract people

    I keep getting team members who don’t stay in the business
    Team members who eagerly grow their businesses

    I have so much doubt about being successful
    My confidence grows every day

    I keep getting rejected when I try to tell others about my business
    I’m attracting people who want to know more about my business and join me

    I’m not making the money I want. I’m broke and desperate for more money
    My income increases steadily. I have a surplus and abundance of money

    I like to take these statements and make them into affirmations and gratitude statements that I repeat when I need to shift out of a negative attitude.

    I am grateful that I am easily attracting people.
    I am grateful that I am attracting customers and motivated team members who eagerly grow their businesses.
    I am grateful that my income increases steadily. I have a surplus and abundance of money.

    Notice that these statements also include the words “I am”. Not only is gratitude one of the most powerful positive emotions, “I am” puts it in the NOW! Add essential oils to your affirmations and power them up even more.

    Some oils to consider with your positive self talk:

    There are other oils you could use. Just go with what feels right in the moment.

    Remember, when you catch yourself with negative self talk, just stop, mentally say, “Delete” and switch to what you DO want.


    Here is a great quote from Craig Aramaki, “Don’t sell the products! Instead, fall in love with the products and then, sell that love. Your passion is your purpose.”

    Craig Aramaki is chief marketing officer at Young Living Essential Oils . He made that comment at the 2013 Grand Convention. It’s a really powerful statement and one you should think about. How much do you love the products? What about Young Living Essential Oils as a company?

    I have been with Young Living for over 16 years. I started building my business because of how much I love the oils and what they have done for me and my family both physically and emotionally. It was Abundance oil that lifted me out of severe depression. Within minutes of using that oil I felt wonderful. It was that shift that made me realize how much I could help others with these oils.

    I could never be successful building a business with products I didn’t truly LOVE! I have been involved with several companies and affiliate programs on the side over the years for products and services I use. Some of them I attempted to build a side income with but I had very little success with any of those other programs. Each one has paled in comparison to Young Living. I guess it was good because they all made me appreciate what we have in Young Living and how special this company really is.

    To be really successful in Young Living, you really need to understand and appreciate how unique the company and products are. I know most people say that about their company but NONE can say things that Young Living Distributors can say about our company.

    It is IMPORTANT that YOU, as a Young Living Distributor who is serious about success, get to know the things that make our company truly unique. First by using the products and becoming a product of the product. Using the products you will have your own stories to tell.

    Second, learn how Young Living goes above and beyond what is normal to produce the highest quality essential oils in the world. Get to know the ways Young Living is different from other network marketing companies and other essential oil companies.

    A Few Things You Should Know . . . yl_farm3pic

    • Gary has invested 33 years in the research and development of essential oils.
    • The FDA says, Gary Young is the foremost expert on essential oils and distillation in the WORLD!
    • Gary has been told by French essential oil experts that YL has the finest Lavender in the world!
    • Young Living has 9 farms and 9 distilleries and over 14 partners crafting and distilling worldwide.
    • YL is building another distillery this year at Highland Farm in Idaho. This will be the 10th distillery Young Living operates.
    • Largest Lavender farm in France belongs to Young Living with 1000 acres.
      Young Living has the largest acreage producing Lavender in the whole world with lavender growing in Utah, Idaho and France
    • No chemicals are used on the YL Farms! Use special spray created by Gary containing oils! Much more expensive but the only real way to be organic!
    • Organic Compost is used on all YL Farms for soil enhancement 5 million tons of compost used annually on YL fields! Every Young Living farm has a composting yard. Plant matter from the distillation go in, no waste!
    • Gary Young injects microbes & enzymes into soil, also liquid from worm castings for fertilizer
    • Aromatic plants need a pH balance of 7-7.8! Who knew?! Gary Young did!
    • Young Living works with 7 other labs around the world to determine the properties and purity of Young Living essential oils.

    These are just a few ways that Young Living is really unique as a network marketing company. How many network marketing companies have you heard of that have their own farms in multiple counties around the world?

    Be aware of these things when you are sharing information with people about the oils. Use the products and develop your own product success stories. Listen to audios on products and company news and training. These things will help you grow your passion and help you stick with your business until you achieve the success you want in your Young Living business.