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We have been successfully building our Young Living business since 1997. This blog is about Young Living Business Success. Building your business in a way that feels natural and easy. I have always used and taught ways that get people to come to YOU. To ask YOU questions about the oils. I never liked the old style network marketing ways that make you feel icky.

If it’s not comfortable and FUN, it will be difficult to build a business. We are all about enjoying the journey.

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EVERY DAY wear an oil that will cause someone to comment on how good you smell (opening to say: “I’m wearing natural Essential Oils because I prefer a toxin free perfume. This one is called Stress Away. It smells great and who doesn’t want a little Stress Away these days? Have you ever used Essential Oils? …” Use Abundance, Stress Away or other oil choice. Mention what oil and why you like it. Be compliant. )
Have your 30 second commercial prepared and flyers ready.

Responses to “What do you do for a living?

When someone asks this question, answer it. Don’t answer a riddle. Example: I am an emergency retirement specialist.

If I ask you what you do for a living, what do you think I want to know?

If you say I’m in network marketing, do they know what you do for a living? NO. 99% of people don’t understand what that is. So you haven’t answered the question.

If you say, “I help people retire and have fun, bla bla bla.” Does that answer the question? NO. Say it in a way that they don’t have to ask twice. That is different than the way most have been taught. You want to answer in an honest way that instills trust, admiration and respect.

When asked, What do you do for a living?
“I’m a network marketer.” I know they don’t know what that means so I say:
“Like Amway, Mary Kay, Herbalife, but I am with Young Living Essential Oils.”

And then STOP talking.

Do they jump all over you and want to join? No but it creates safety 2 ways:
You told them the truth.
And then STOP talking. Every other Amway distributor starts talking and turns them off.

Shut up and let them ask questions for a natural conversation. When they show interest, that is when you proceed with your 30 second commercial or elevator speech.

Your 30 Second Commercial or as some call it – elevator speech.

When there is an opportunity to mention something about your product or business.

This is where your 30 second commercial comes in. Even if you are earning most of your income from a regular job, this is a good place to mention your business.

You need to create your own “30 Second Commercial.”

Then practice it over and over until you feel really comfortable saying it when the opportunity arises.

If you want people to tune in and respond to YOUR message – you have to make it super obvious … “What’s In It For Them

Here is a formula:

I am a distributor with Young Living Essential Oils. I help_______________(ideal prospect) to _______________________ (achieve certain result)


I have a business that helps _________(ideal prospect) to __________ (achieve certain result) using therapeutic grade essential oils.

You want it to be really brief. The purpose is to stir curiosity and get them to ask for details. You have very little time to get your message across.

Here are a few ideas from other Young Living Distributors:

Jewels: My hubby has helped me with this. He says without apprehension: “I run a car lot.”
So he has got me to say simply. “I sell essential oils.”
Then they have to ask more if they want to hear more. Vague is better for an actual conversation to form instead of verbal diarrhea lol!

Jamie: Gosh I love this SO much! I personally hate when I ask someone what they do and they give me a long list of how they’re a coach and do challenges and what workout are you doing, blah blah blah… like just tell me you sell beach body..
If I’m interested I’ll reach out if I’m not, you’re saving us both a lot of time, lol. If someone asks me I’m like, “I sell Young Living Essential Oils!, and most of the time they say, oh how is that?, and then I can go into how I’m super passionate about non toxic products and using oils to support our bodies! Etc…

Tara: “I have my own home based Essential Oil Biz!” That’s it, I leave it open to conversation then! Simple!

Sonya: I have changed mine several times. What I have said recently is simply that I sell Young Living essential oils and products. It led to a short conversation, which none of my other pitches have ever done. I think simple and to the point is best. If you over complicate it than they tune you out.

Rachel: I sell Young Living essential oils which I LOVE, because I can stay with my baby and teach about something I’m passionate about- getting the toxins out of our homes and doing it affordably!!!

Barb: I am an distributor for a life changing health and wellness company called Young Living Essential Oils.

Vicki: I’m a distributor and wellness educator for Young Living Essential Oils. They offer healthy alternatives to the use of toxic chemicals in the home. Young Living offers all natural, oil infused products that have changed many lives, including mine. I show people how to kick chemicals to the curb and live a happier, healthier life.

Here are a few more ideas from a past training on brief words of intro:

I am a distributor with Young Living Essential Oils. I help people support their health by replacing toxic chemicals while creating a great income from home so you can enjoy the freedom to do what you love.

I am a distributor with Young Living Essential Oils. I help people support their health while creating a great income from home so you can enjoy the freedom to do what you love.

I am a distributor and wellness consultant with Young Living Essential Oils. I help people who want natural solutions to health and wellness.

I am a distributor and wellness consultant with Young Living Essential Oils. I help people learn how to support their family’s healthy immune system by using premium grade essential oils.

I am a distributor and wellness consultant with Young Living Essential Oils. I help baby boomers to feel healthy and have tons of energy.

I am a distributor with Young Living Essential Oils. We also offer a complete business system for women who would like to learn how to earn a good part-time income working out of their home.”

I am a distributor with Young Living Essential Oils. I help people support their family’s health with premium grade essential oils and also create a great income from home so they can enjoy the things they love.

I am a distributor with Young Living Essential Oils. I help people support their family’s health with therapeutic grade essential oils and also create a great income from home so they can enjoy the freedom to do the things they love.

I am a distributor with Young Living Essential Oils. I help women create a great income from home so they can spend quality time with their family doing the things they love.

I am a distributor with Young Living Essential Oils. I help mothers who are tired of not having more time with their children, learn to build a business they can work from home and be with their children as they grow up, even if they have never had any experience in business.

I am a Young Living Essential Oils essential Oils Consultant who works with stressed-out Corporate Executives who want to earn a great living and enjoy a great lifestyle without having to work crazy hours and miss out on family time to do it.

I am a distributor with Young Living Essential Oils. I help moms to earn a great income working from home.

I am a distributor with Young Living Essential Oils. I help moms to work from home and earn a great income with a fun, part time business.

I am a distributor with Young Living Essential Oils. I teach moms how to earn a great income working from home so they don’t have to feel guilty dropping their kids in daycare every day.

I am a distributor with Young Living Essential Oils. I help people who, because of these shaky economic times, are looking to supplement their income through an in an easy and inexpensive home business they can work on the side, even if they are scared to death to speak with people.

Other ways to Talk to People:

When you go anywhere there are people, wear Abundance or Christmas Spirit or any other good smelling oil. I constantly have total strangers comment on how good I smell. That is your opening to tell them something. I ask them if they have ever used essential oils. I tell them Abundance is one of my favorite mood uplifting oils. Then I observe the reaction. Most people are curious & will start asking questions.

Wear Young Living Promotional Items

An excellent way to get people to ask questions about what you do, is to wear Young Living promotional items. You will find some to those things in your Virtual Office, product area, under “Promotional Items.” They have hats, jackets, shirts, pins, canvas bags, etc, with Young Living logo or NingXia Red. Check frequently to see what they have available.

If you received a Young Living Achievement pin, are you wearing it in public? The pins are beautiful and people often comment on it. It gives you an opportunity to mention your business and give your business card with your web site address on it.

Whenever you use this type of marketing, ALWAYS have something to give people who are interested. It could be brochure, audio, Drop Cards, Business cards, etc. If you give out info, get a phone number to follow up with them. ALWAYS put your web site address on EVERYTHING you give out.


When you leave your house each day to go to work or to do errands, take TEN flyers for inviting to an upcoming oil class with you and don’t come back home until you give them all away to people you meet! You’ll soon find that 10 are too few and you’ll increase that amount.

Example: If you are going grocery shopping – give a class invite flyer to the employee who greets you at the door, give one to the person at the Bakery counter, the Seafood counter, the Deli counter. Give one to the person in front of you in line at the cash register, the person behind you in line and the cashier. Give another to the person who bags your groceries. If someone comments on how good you smell, tell them it’s Abundance essential oil or Stress Away or whatever oil you have on. Ask if they are familiar with essential oils, then give them an invite to an oil class.
Don’t think of it as being pushy — you are just letting people know what you do. Never, never launch into a presentation —
you are simply trying to get your information in as many hands as possible. I like to hand the brochure or Prospecting Newspaper and simply say “I brought this for you!”

Or, if you aren’t doing oil classes, invite to connect on Facebook and give a flyer with your web site and other contact info.


Here is a great paragraph from a past issue of the Jim Rohn newsletter:

“I picked up a magazine not long ago in New York that had a full-page ad in it for a hotel chain. The first line of the ad read, “We do not teach our people to be nice.” Now that got my attention. The second line said, “We hire nice people.” I thought, “what a clever shortcut!”

The title of that article was “Don’t Send Your Ducks to Eagle School.” I remember Jim Rohn saying that in a live event I attended many years ago. I didn’t fully grasp what he meant at the time.

Not everyone is going to have success in this business. I have to admit, I have had a bit of a struggle with this one over the years. I’m over 28 years in my Young Living career and I have seen a LOT of distributors come and go. Some were friends who saw my success and wanted it for themselves, others were friends I met through the process of being their sponsor or upline. I often want success for them more than they want it themselves.

I guess it’s because I have come through hard financial times and network marketing was the solution for me. My YL business gave me freedom to work from home and not have to be tied to any schedule. I can do whatever I want whenever I want. Because of that, I want others to experience freedom of time and finances.

When I saw the headline in the latest Jim Rohn newsletter, I had to chuckle a bit. Sometimes, in our desire to help people we care about, we expect them to be network marketing eagles. We want them to be eagles because we want success for our friends. Frankly, some will never be network marketing eagles.

As Jim Rohn said, “Good people are found not changed. They can change themselves, but you can’t change them. You want good people, you have to find them. If you want motivated people, you have to find them, not motivate them.”

YL Business Builders Eagle

It may sound harsh but you can’t change people. A duck will never become an eagle. Even eagles may not seem like eagles in the beginning. They need to LEARN to fly. The point is, the network marketing eagle has certain qualities that others do not have, motivation and willingness to learn are on top of the list.

I used to wonder how I would find those eagles but experience has taught me, the eagles will show themselves. You will see a lot of people come through your pipeline if you are actively building your business. Every month I sponsor several people. The eagles show themselves in what they do.

Network Marketing Eagle Traits

  • They are interested in learning from others who have done it. They seek out leaders and find out what they have done to have their level of success. They gather with other eagles to learn eagle traits. This is accomplished by attending events, conference calls talking on the phone with upline leaders and any way possible to learn eagle traits. Even reading emails and articles like this one is in indication that you are a network marketing eagle. The ducks don’t read emails from their team leaders. They either don’t bother to subscribe or they delete because they don’t have the time.
  • They are motivated to succeed and they are workers. Everyone has their own pace but the network marketing eagle is moving forward, making progress every day. They don’t let setbacks stop them from their goal.
  • They take the initiative. They are not waiting for upline to do it all for them. They pick up the phone and call upline leaders who can guide them. They make themselves known as a serious business builder: an EAGLE!
  • Eagles have great vision. The network marketing eagle also has vision. They see what they want and are laser focused on getting it.
  • Eagles do not waste time on dead things. They eat live animals. Don’t wast time in your network marketing career trying to pick at and wake up the dead distributors who are negative and will never do anything. It’s better to go out and find fresh new prospects.
  • Eagles don’t let stormy times get them down. While some birds fly away from a storm, an eagle will fly into it and adjust their wings to allow them to climb to greater heights. The network marketing eagle will take the stormy times and learn lessons that will make them fly higher in their business.
  • Eagles nurture their young. Eagles are very gentle and attentive to their young ones. Network marketing eagles train and encourage their downline so that when they are ready, they can fly on their own.

You can develop these qualities. That’s a sign of an eagle. 😉


As Young Living business builders you have powerful tools at your fingertips. Essential oils are very useful in putting you in the right mindset and mood for daily activities in business building. Using essential oils and EFT can be even more helpful Try Motivation oil for getting started on those days when you just aren’t feeling it. I find it useful in raising my level of passion for whatever I am working on.

I even use Motivation oil for keeping motivated to stay on a healthy diet. I put a drop behind each ear on the vagus nerve and then think about my affirmation, “I am MOTIVATED to do what it takes to release the excess fat from my body.”

OR “I am MOTIVATED to do what it takes to be a successful YL Business Builder.” Whatever your affirmation is, use an oil with it. Magnify Your Purpose is another great one for focusing your intent.

All of the oils here are wonderful along with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). Just add a couple drops of oil to your fingertips and tap through the EFT points.

What is EFT and How Can It Help Your Network Marketing Business?

Use your oils along with the EFT techniques and you will have a powerful tool for removing blocks to building your Young Living business. We all have blocks sometimes. If you find yourself procrastinating, there is a block. If you want to learn more about EFT. I have a whole website on EFT for Network Marketers.

My favorite oils for EFT on my business and abundance are: Abundance, Gathering, Believe, Valor, Gratitude, Acceptance, Motivation.
Others I sometimes use: Awaken, Envision, Highest Potential, Into the Future. It depends on your issues and what blocks you tend to have, which oils you will use. Remember to use White Angelica when you are around people who are negative about what you are doing. White Angelica helps protect you from picking up other people’s negative feelings.

Building a Successful Business

Use Oils With EFT:
Procrastination: Acceptance, Envision, Magnify Your Purpose, Motivation.
Lacking self control: Motivation, Roman Chamomile

Mood uplifting oils: Elemi, Frankincense, Lavender, Rose, Orange, Lemon, Abundance, Citrus Fresh, Christmas Spirit, Harmony, Hope, Joy, Valor.

Frustration: Acceptance, Frankincense, Gathering, Ginger, Hope, Humility, Lavender, Lemon, Present Time, Roman Chamomile, Spruce, Valor.
Stress and anxiety: Peace & Calming, Stress Away
Reinforce positive feelings: Acceptance, Abundance, Envision, Forgiveness, Harmony, Joy, Motivation, Passion, 3 Wise Men
Emotional Blocks: Cypress, Frankincense, Harmony, Helichrysum, Release, Sandalwood, Spearmint, Spruce, Valor.
Balance: Frankincense, Geranium, Grounding, Harmony, Juniper, Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Sandalwood, Valor, White Angelica.

Overcoming Fears & Phobias:
Fear: Valor, Spruce, Roman Chamomile, Trauma Life, White Angelica

Lacking confidence: Jasmine, Passion, Sandalwood, Valor.
Build self esteem: Acceptance, Joy, Valor.
Lacking in self love: Joy, Valor, Rose.
Lacking courage: Valor
Lacking in Motivation: Motivation, Magnify Your Purpose, Passion, Peppermint.

Can’t envision success: Envision, Believe

Attracting Abundance: Abundance, Acceptance, Harmony, Gathering.
Prosperity: Abundance, Bergamot, Cinnamon Bark, Cypress.

More on EFT:
What is EFT and How Can It Help Your Network Marketing Business?

EFT for Network Marketers




As you read my visualization story below, remember Dr Masaru Emoto’s Water Experiment.

Visualization can be a powerful tool in achieving your goals and dreams.

When you visualize, try to picture as much detail as you possibly can about your goal or whatever you are working toward. If your goal is to climb up the ranks in Young Living to Diamond Level, you can visualize yourself going through the steps you need to take to get there.

Visualize yourself talking to people or doing things that grow your business. Visualize all kinds of possible ways people would approach you and ask for more information. Visualize yourself actually on the stage getting the award for the rank you are working toward.

Visualize all kinds of things that feel successful for you and your business. Get really detailed in your visualizations.

I’ll give you an example:

In my early career with Young Living I would visualize myself driving a Lexus. I had a Law of Attraction teacher that said to visualize something that pictured success for you and get really detailed. I had seen a pretty Champagne Gold Lexus so I visualized that car.

The teacher said, picture the car and how it looks but also picture yourself in the car. What does it smell like? Walk around it and kick the tires. Visualize yourself washing it. Picture yourself driving up in it to places where people you know will wonder how you can afford such a nice car.

Not only the car but, what does that make you feel like? What is the feeling you want to have? What feeling does the car represent?

For me . . . The feeling was FREEDOM!!

The car pictured freedom I wanted my business to provide. I was tired of the struggle to make ends meet. Tired of working crappy jobs just to get the bills paid. Tired of being exhausted at the end of a work day and only getting a few dollars for my time.

When you are doing your visualization, really linger on the feelings underneath your WHY.  Why you are really wanting a successful Young Living business.

For me it was FREEDOM, so as I did my visualizations, I focused on my metallic gold Lexus and the FREEDOM I wanted my business to provide.

Here is the neat thing . . .

After several weeks of focusing on a gold Lexus and FREEDOM, I found myself needing to replace my car. I wanted a used car about 3 or 4 years old.  We drove to Columbus, Ohio to look at a used Toyota Camry that had been advertised in the newspaper. When we got to the car lot, the Camry was a mess and was not treated gently by the previous owner.

No way on that Camry but what do you suppose was down a few cars from that Camry?

It was a beautiful gold Lexus!! When I first saw it I wasn’t going to test drive it because I figured it was too much money and I was not totally adjusted to having decent money coming in.

The car was so beautiful and it was a LEXUS!!  I decided to test drive it anyway.

Guess what?!!  I ended up buying that car that day!

As we were driving home it hit me. I started to cry as I realized, this was the exact car I had been visualizing.  I had seen a metallic gold Lexus I liked and that  was the image I used in my visualization, exact color and model.

To me, this was proof that there was power in visualization and the Law of Attraction.  How we can affect things with the power of what we think.

Now that I have made the connection about Dr Masaru Emoto’s Water Experiment, and seen how our words and thoughts are alive, I am even more convinced that we can really attract what we want in our live.

Really get detailed when you do visualizations.


While you are doing your visualizations, tap the EFT Points.  Visualize and Tap!!! Add some essential oil to your fingertips as you tap to power it up even more. Several Young Living blends would be awesome: Abundance, Envision, Believe, Magnify Your Purpose, Highest Potential, Dream Catcher . . .

EFT  can really enhance your visualizations. It helps imprint your visualizations down into your cells. Each EFT point represents a body organ. It’s a powerful tool to enhance visualizations and affirmations.

If you need to learn EFT, go to my EFT for Network Marketers website:  http://www.melodiekantner.com



Some days you don’t feel like doing the things you need to do, like writing a blog post or sending an Oil Tip to your team.

When I have days like that, I listen to music to get myself in a good mood. Well, I admit, I listen to music just because it’s fun. It gets me moving!

It’s more than a good mood. When I plan to work on business, I want music that mood for my HUSTLE. I want music that lifts my mood and MOTIVATES me. It’s really important to have a good energy as you are doing business work. I get SO MUCH done when I start the day with my Happy list. I listen to it on days I don’t plan to do much work because it reminds me to be in marketing mode, even when I am not working. 😉

I have the list in order of ones with WORDS that get me feeling POWERFUL. The first song is, “I’M Good”. Next is “Forcefield” by Jax. “I’m strong like a FORCEFIELD“. Then, “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now, by Starship & “Unstoppable” by Sia. Plus more.

I like the motivating beat but the WORDS are good. I have been using Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now for so many things. I love it while jumping on my trampoline, but also, when I am listening to that song I am thinking of my TEAM!! I know it is about lovers but I LOVE my team and we are building this dream together. I crank it up and let the music fill my body. Look at the words below. Doesn’t that sound like how you feel about your team? And the words for Unstoppable!! POWERFUL!

I have recently put my happy music together in a list in Spotify. I named it Happy. Check it out below. Use it or get ideas for building your own POWER Happy list on Spotify or wherever you listen to music.

Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now by Starship
Let ’em say we’re crazy
I don’t care about that
Put your hand in my hand
Baby, don’t ever look back
Let the world around us
Just fall apart
Baby, we can make it
If we’re heart to heart
And we can build this dream together
Standing strong forever
Nothing’s gonna stop us now

And if this world runs out of lovers
We’ll still have each other
Nothing’s gonna stop us
Nothing’s gonna stop us now

Unstoppable by Sia

I put my armor on, show you how strong I am
I put my armor on, I’ll show you that I am
I’m unstoppable
I’m a Porsche with no brakes
I’m invincible
Yeah, I win every single game
I’m so powerful
I don’t need batteries to play
I’m so confident
Yeah, I’m unstoppable today
Unstoppable today
Unstoppable today
Unstoppable today
I’m unstoppable today

WOW! Those words are POWERFUL! It puts me in, I MEAN BUSINESS, hustle mode! Words are important, especially in the music we listen to. If it’s depressing, it isn’t going to be as helpful with your abundance energy.

Words are important in every day speech too. Check out one of our previous posts, Conscious Language and The Power of Words

Don’t forget to wear your Abundance Oil as you HUSTLE!! 😉

Happy Playlist on Spotify